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Cherl Peters' Art Gallery

Bach & Co. Art  Studio originally opened in 1990 as a three story gallery dedicated to the Arts.  Evolving from a painter, framer and gallery owner who represented over 200 artists  Cheryl Peters is now concentrating on her oil painting. Since summering at the shore she has recently released her first "New Jersey Shore" print .

Stone Harbor, Avalon and Cape May comprise the "Perfect Triangle" of beach towns.  With Avalon being at the northern top of the barrier island and Cape May at the southernmost tip of NJ the towns host wonderful weather and beaches which have become a family tradition for a trip "Down the Shore".  One trip and most are hooked!

Artist Bio:

Artistic training in pastels, watercolor & oil painting

Owned national award winning gallery for 25 years

Style---"Realistic Impressionism:---merging forms of light & color

Artwork  part of Corporate & private collections, including actors Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor

Studios in Macungie, PA & Stone Harbor, NJ

Why is Impressionism Significant?

In the 19th century, Impressionism became an artistic movement that swept much of the painting and sculpture styles of the time. It has defined an entirely modern way of expressing one’s artistry and has made its style into other forms of expression such as literature and photography. It started with a group of Parisian artists creating an exhibit in 1873. These artists included Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Camille Pissarro, and a few others which were later joined by Paul Cezanne, Auguste Renoir, Alfred Sisley and Berthe Morisot. When photography began to emerge in popularity, the value of having a realistic painting seemed to diminish so impressionist artists began to delve into other concepts, such as light, shadows and finding ways to express movement.


Impressionism's influence greatly the way we see art; it showed us there are others way of creating art. It opened doors to other movements that otherwise would not of had a chance. Impressionists challenged the art world so others could see they could create art in different ways.

How Incorporating Art in Your Home Can Make You Happy

beach paintings and more

For centuries works of art and paintings have decorated people’s homes because it can be adored by everyone and anyone. A piece of art can emit a certain ambience that can make one feel peaceful, energized, empowered, happy, or any other type of emotion, depending on what the art is exhibiting and the person themselves. If you’ve been considering incorporating art in your home, or adding more to your collection, consider what you are looking for in a piece. Is it beach paintings that evoke emotion in you? Or a wooded forest painting? Do you want to be reminded of something? Do you want to feel relaxed? Thoughtful? Find something that appeals to your emotions and compliments you in a positive way. Studies have indeed proven that art can have a direct affect on one’s mood. Art is a fabulous distraction from our worries and even perhaps the real world; it can be a mental escape. Admiring art has also been proven to reduce stress levels. If you love the beach, have a home (whether physical or in a place in your heart) for the New Jersey Shore, or are looking for a beach themed art piece to incorporate in your home, take a moment to browse my current collection of beach paintings for sale to find that perfect piece to boost your mood!

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